March 13, 2020

Statement from Ontario HBPA President Sue Leslie re events March 2020

We were deeply saddened to hear of the recent allegations levelled at a large number of high profile horsepeople in the U.S., which not only accused them of using illegal performance enhancing drugs but also indicated that these drugs possibly caused the deaths of a number of horses, including a highly talented fan favourite, and played a role in the results of the world’s richest race. 

While we congratulate the investigative teams whose efforts brought about the arraignment of the accused parties, it is imperative that we do better in ensuring that racing is not ruined by cheaters abusing the horses who are our livelihood – the continuation of this sort of behaviour is sure to bring our industry to its knees by alienating the general public, animal rights groups, bettors and the potential new owners our sport so desperately needs. 

There are NO excuses – everybody from industry regulators, racetrack operators, owners and trainers to our hard-working backstretch employees must play a role in policing our sport and the welfare of our horses or be complicit in the demise of racing as we know it.

Sue Leslie

President, HBPA of Ontario



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