March 20, 2020


To all horse people,

Woodbine Entertainment is doing everything we can to keep the people on the backstretch healthy from our horse people to our essential staff running the training operations. Woodbine are respecting the Government’s requirement of self-isolation for 14 days for people arriving back in Canada from outside the country as listed on the Canadian Government’s official website on COVID-19:

You have:

  • no symptoms
  • a history of possible exposure to the novel coronavirus due to travel outside of Canada or close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19

Self-isolate means to:

  • stay at home and monitor yourself for symptoms, even if mild, for 14 days
  • avoid contact with other people to help prevent the spread of disease in your home and in your community in the event you become symptomatic

As this pandemic evolves daily, we are following the Government guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure to people on the backstretch at Woodbine.  We must each do everything we can to limit the risk, so that we can continue operations.   If you are returning from the U.S. or another country, please understand the following:

  • You must self-isolate for 14 days at home or off-site accommodation
  • Upon arrival in Ontario, we ask that you call Robert Jordan – Senior Manager Security at 416-675-3993 ext. 12532 so that a record may be added to the Security Self Isolation Form. You must then keep, for our records, a boarding pass or slip from the border that shows your return date to Canada. Security will give you a return date to Woodbine on Day 15 from your date of entry to Canada. You will be asked to show this as proof once able to access Woodbine backstretch. If you do not reach us, please leave a message and you will receive a phone call back as early as possible.
  • Individuals in self-isolation will NOT be permitted to come onto our backstretch to provide care for their horses until the 14 day self-isolation period is completed.
  • Your horses will be permitted on the backstretch,but must be under the care of a Canadian-based staff or those that have already completed the 14 day isolation period.
  • The horses will still be allowed to train under the care of the staff listed above.
  • Horses are not required to be isolated: horses coming from the U.S. can return to their “regular” barns as they are completely under the care of locally based grooms, assistant trainers, exercise riders, etc.
  • “Locally based” people are those who have not traveled outside Canada or have already completed a 14-day self-isolation period.
  • Dormitory residents will NOT be permitted to return to the dorms until the 14 days isolation period is complete and have passed the health screening test at the East Stable Gate.  Please help make alternate accommodation arrangements for your staff to complete the 14 day isolation period.

We recognize that horses require essential care and arrangements must be made accordingly for this 14 day period.  We have implemented these rules to help limit the spread of Covid-19 and continue our training operations during these difficult times, however, we need everyone’s cooperation. There is an onus on each individual to self-police and respect the rules above for the wellbeing of the entire Thoroughbred community on the Woodbine backstretch.

Should you be in a situation, where you do not have adequate staff that are not in self-isolation, you may have to consider sending some of your team home ahead of the others.  HBPA can assist in finding ‘helping hands’ here on the ground in Canada for this short time period.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you require further clarification, please contact Karl Lagerborg or Robert Jordan, Sr Manager, Backstretch Security Operations.

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