Privileges and Advantages of Membership

Members of the association can take advantage of various benefits and privileges provided. Many of these benefits also extend to the employees who work diligently on the backstretch everyday looking after the horses. Contact the HBPA Head Office for information on which benefits apply to you.

Please note a valid Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) license is required to be a member of the association and to receive benefits.

Pension Plan

  • Registered Pension Plan
  • Non-registered retirement allowance


  • Purse negotiations
  • Federal & Provincial governments
  • AGCO Stewards Hearings
  • AGCO Commission Hearings and Appeals
  • Fort Erie and Woodbine Race Track contracts
  • National & International HBPA

Owners’ Awards

  • At Woodbine Racetrack for each Ontario foaled Thoroughbred who places, 1st, 2nd, 3rd in races other than stakes, the distribution will be as follows:  $800 to the winner, $400 to second and $300 to third.   
  • At Fort Erie Race Track the winning Owners of Ontario foaled Thoroughbred will receive $300 per race in races other than stakes.

Educational Assistance

  • Provide financial assistance to a maximum of $1,000 to a child of a member / a child of a deceased member / a child of a backstretch employee.
  • Applicants may apply once per calendar year.


  • Skills improvement for backstretch workers
  • Groom school
  • Trainer and assistant trainer education and testing

Benefit Plan

  • The HBPA offers a subsidized Benefit Plan to members and/or their employees on the backstretch of Woodbine and Fort Erie. Our Plan provides, those who apply, with Life Insurance, Medical, Dental and Out-of-Country Coverage. A valid AGCO license is required to participate in the plan.

Benevolence Assistance

  • Benevolence is available for family emergencies


  • Various annual events for members and backstretch employees
  • Owners’ Appreciation Day
  • HBPA Day at the Races – one at each track per calendar year
  • Holiday meals


  • Third party liability insurance
  • Care, custody and control insurance
  • Fire and transportation insurance
  • Claiming protection insurance


  • Members are invited to attend the Association’s Annual General Meeting to cast their vote on issues and participate in discussions.
  • Members are mailed ballots for the Election of the Board of Directors. Elections take place every three years, normally in August/September.


  • Each of association’s backstretch offices has the following publications available for members to review – Blood-Horse and the Daily Racing Form (Only on Race days).
  • Each of the association’s backstretch offices usually have the following publications available for pick up – Down The Stretch Newspaper, The Horsemen’s Journal, LongRun Newsletter, and Racetrack Chaplaincy Newsletter.

Employee Assistance Program

  • Confidential counseling and help line

Services for Members

  • B1 assistance
  • Fax services
  • Assistance with bills of sale and various other forms
  • Immigration assistance
  • Cover the cost of urine/blood re-evaluation for a positive test up to $800

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